One week of mostly paleo eating and working out in the books. My workplace weigh-in shows that I’m down close to seven pounds on the week. Some of this is water. Even if half of it is water, who cares? It’s still a good number for the week.

So what did that mean? I ate a lot of greens (and some orange colored veggies). I stayed away from rices (that was rough), tortillas, beans, and potatoes. I embraced the steak!

I time trialed a 10k just to see what the starting point was and discovered that all out my best effort is 1hr 1min. Not too bad, but I’m looking forward to the new set of benchmarks.

Last week included only one crossfit workout and two runs. One long run, and one track work day.

Today was a crossfit workout (6am) where we did Fran:
Thrusters (mine were at 65#)
Pull-ups (mine were assisted with the blue band)
Total Time: 9:32
Also not bad. I’d like to see this in a few weeks too.


One Response to Challenge – Day 7

  1. dean says:

    Food: spinach, saushage, mushroom, omelet.
    Snacks: Almonds & tea

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